Jim Kazanjian was born in 1968. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA.


"Internet Unconscious" by Will Scarlett

It doesn’t require a whole lot of imagination to grasp the potential for apocalyptic visions latent in the infinity of images circulating online. That a certain improvisatory combination of photos found on the internet would lend itself to the generation of “hyper-collages” brimming with apocalyptic themes cannot come as a surprise. Perhaps even to say, as the artist seems to suggest, that this method of transforming commonplace source images into entry points to deeper realms of experience by allowing them to consume each other and fuse together rhizomatically, finally smoothing out into a landscape of apparitions, resonates with the creative frenzy which transfigures the fragments of daily existence into dreams, is by now too obvious to allow on the page. < read more >