Gaelle Girbes Tango, photography, contemporary art Misia Gallery
Gaelle Girbes Tango Circus Life, photography, contemporary art Misia Gallery


Gaëlle Girbes was born in 1976. She lives and works in Paris, France.


Tango is an improvised dance in which both partners walk together  towards a spontaneous and an unxpected direction. Gaëlle Girbes provides the viewer with a simple and delicate metaphor of the rythm slowly generated by the body langage.  Through the double exposure, her post-digital work captures the geometric basis of the dancer's gesture . Axis and equilibrium points are fragile and tense, modelled on our contemporary social language.

Gaëlle Girbes defines the circus as a projection of our imagination. This black and white series  majestically recounts the chiaroscuro's circus world as a regular contrast between light and shadow.