Born in 1988, Yang Du lives and works in Beijing, China


Yang Du's snapshots are full of random and uncertainty. They are the unexpected noises of life.  To the artist, living an unsettled life is always a pioneering process. During this process, photos are not only her memory device; photography itself becomes a countermeasure for loneliness and anxiety. These passing snapshots make up our whole lives, and she believes that growth begins by confronting the day-to-day minutiae and the boring details to our shortcomings and imperfections.

« Whether is the mystical human beings themselves or the marvelous moments in nature and ordinary life, all stimulate my desire to solve the puzzles. Photography can either reveal reality or blur it, but importantly it has provided a means to help me fight against the inertia in every day life and reconnect and reflect on the hidden secrets in common matters. What are captured by my photos are mainly the rustling murmurs of life. These montage-like moments are like daily background noise captures – low or high, thick or thin, male or female.... They are covert and private, rich and trivial. But when juxtaposed, they react and resonate with each other to form a tight wall of sounds, which, like « tinnitus », cuts off a little world – its charm lies exactly in its « puzzle ». »

Du Yang