Dorothée Recker Crinkle crush series painting
Dorothée Recker Quicksands series painting

Dorothée Recker Tides series painting
Dorothée Recker Grands Bleus series painting


Born in 1984, Dorothée Recker lives and works in Paris


Dorothee Recker's recent works focus solely on the merging of colors, where she creates gradient-like canvases with oil. Repeating the same gesture, she tirelessly sweeps the canvas, spreading the pigments to remove any visible lines. The light intensity created by the stretching of oil painting provides us with different chromatic complementarities : the color shades naturally require their respective increasing spaces on canvas. 

The form and content are linked when Dorothée Recker uses sand mortar (Quicksands series, 2016) or wrinkled unstretched canvas (Crinkle Crush series, 2016), her gestural paintings are not necessarily flat as we can see in Tides series (2015-2016). 

The medium invites the viewer to appreciate the art in its whole physical creation. Thus, the  bleed-off in Tropique series are a full-part of the painting.  

The pictorial themes are inspired, among other things, by the nature. Through the choice of titles (Horizons, Dawn, Tides etc.), Dorothée Recker allows us to grasp the immensity of a sky or a sea, putting cosmology at the service of a hypnotizing art 


Graduated from the French National school of Fine Arts in Paris (2010), Dorothee Recker's works have been exhibited in New York (Tanja Grunert Gallery, 2015), Berlin (OHM / Shift , 2013) and Paris (Le Cent-Quatre, 2011).