"Italy, May 2011.

In a small village in the green hills of Genoa three people are evicted from their home. They were a family, They had been living there for 40 years. The reason? Simply that house was not healthy and secure anymore, not for them nor even for the surrounding area and neighbours.

They were living inside the house with farm animals as pets. They were compulsory collectors of anything, accumulating enormous quantity of objects, clothes and along with it dirt and rubbish.

When the social and healthy public organisation found it out they couldn’t believe their own eyes. The whole house and space outside were messy, smelly, dirty, and structurally not safe. They immediately took them to the hospital, then to a nursing home.

The three of them couldn’t never go back to their house, and now that it is sold to cover their debts this is what remains of the story of an extraordinary family. Sadness, memories, objects, and empty rooms, but still with that nasty smell."

Daniele Pintore