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Daniele Pintore was born in 1980, he works and lives in Paris


His photography stretches from Fine Art, with more personal and intense projects, to Documentary Photography where he opens his ideas and his camera to the world.

Always willing to spot what is different and unusual, he exposes himself to society with interest, curiosity, and with a desire to know and absorb a new culture. A new culture: different habits, languages, customs, often living in the same place but also finding cities and countries where diversity of language, ethnicity, and culture live together.

The base of his projects is the research of experimenting different aspects of society, along with challenging stereotypes and standards imposed by society. Using photography as method to drive away his demons, most of his projects are extremely linked with his personal condition, group class or family.

As member of society Daniele Pintore believes that something can be done to change or stop what mass media force us to believe, if minorities can express themselves differently or be depicted in another way.