Ava Fathi dessins Misia gallery

Ava Fathi is borned in Iran in 1986


Newpapers series by the iranian-born Ava Fathi was realized during her studies at the French National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

She is inspired by the articles from the international political press: a demonstration in Spain, a funeral in Afghanistan, a portrait of a Greek political figure during the economic crisis, etc. The characters remain voluntarily anonymous because their identity are of no interest to Ava Fathi whom has developed an increased sensitivity towards political events. To counter this obsession, she created a brute and frontal paintings including a contemporary aesthetics, leading her to the doors of abstraction. 


Multidisciplinary artist, Ava Fathi painted the series entitled Political Still Life for an illustrative purpose. Being both a painter and sculptor is a necessary need because she feeds on one subject to create the other.